Tony doesn’t share Steve

So what have you been up to since New York?





oh my god, that was really violent

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BUT NO SERIOUSLY CAN WE TALK FOREVER ABOUT HOW SHE STOLE THE ENDING. Because as soon as you get the idea that she’s alive, you think “oh, she’s going to come in at the last second and land a few punches and give Tony - the hero - enough time to get back on his feet and finish the battle, while she cheers from the side lines.” Just. Like. Every. Other. Movie. And then she FINISHES THE BATTLE. SHE KILLS HIM. 

#also can we talk about how one man in that movie treated Pepper as an Object#as a prize to be won#as a lure for Tony Stark#what happened to that man I wonder?#PEPPER POTTS FUCKING KILLED HIM#PEPPER POTTS IS A GODDESS

This is why this is my favorite of the Iron Man movies. It subverted everything you thought it would be and it was beautiful.


typical Tony, not able to freely admit his feelings

War Machine rocks, with an “X”, all caps.



#you know you’re screwed when a missile is aimed toward you and it literally has your name on it

irony man