Levis® Stadium Grand Opening by Jeremy Renner (x)

Jeremy Renner and Larry King talking Hawkeye (x)

"Bored yet, princess?"

"You wish, hotshot."


proof that jeremy renner is actually hawkeye


In which Robert praises everyone (including himself), Jeremy is enjoying every second of the event, and Mark disagrees when Robert says he’s “less significant,” but enthusiastically agrees when a fan screams Robert is “the best”.

I: How will his relationship with Black Widow, kind of, develop?
J: How will it develop? You’ll understand— well, one thing has to be revealed, then you’ll understand that what it is ultimately. 

Title: Unknownexactly what you think it is
Artist: Unknown
Album: Unknown
Played: 57523 times

Louie S04E12 - In The Woods


his loose gray hoodie… I love it <3