Ever since I can remember, acting is what has made me feel free, entirely, it really makes me emotional, but it’s really where I’m happy hands down. Between ‘action’ and ‘cut’ is where I feel like me completely. That’s where my energy comes from.

“she came in and she was like a shot of expresso. she’s like being bathed in sunlight. she’s incredibly energetic and enthusiastic. and she had this sense of play and fun which was incredibly exciting.” andrew garfield


”.. I only met him two years ago when we did ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love’, but it was like meeting a member of your team or something. I really like his brain.” - Emma Stone

gotta find a road that brings me back slow
gotta find a way back home

I think my ultimate motivator, driving force in life probably, is humor. I think that finding humor in any given situation gives me confidence because it always kind of makes you look at the silver lining in things.