The Starks in The Avengers Canon Movies - The Incredible Hulk, Thor and Captain America - The First Avenger


Avenging Angels AU character series
- original idea was based on these brilliant GIF set:
- and these are continuation from my previous test paint:here

Sorry,no Castiel Easter egg this time:/
and what else…ow u want Loki?
well, he has his glorious big spread pages alone~ but since i’m in the middle of organizing my fan artbook and i’m such a “scumbag” i decided to keep loki art for the book~


So who’s got the bigger gun?

*sorry I couldn’t resist*


show me his death certificate

then we’ll talk



Hospital Hug

I can’t stop having Pheels. 

Steve & Coulson


Coulson’s Angels

(inspired by stillinvincible’s wonderful fic)


In which C stands for Cockblocker.

“Tell Barton the next time he decides to sleep off-base, he needs to call in.”


“We know he’s with you, and no one cares, but he needs to remember protocol.”

Bruce waves a hand to get Clint’s attention. Clint’s nearly dressed, jeans hanging low on his hips as he tries to find his shoes. “I’ll tell him,” Bruce says and hangs up the phone.

Clint pauses, both shoes in his hand, jeans an inch lower than they were. “I should—”

“He says next time, you have to remember to call in. Protocols or something.”

Clint freezes. “What?”

Bruce raises his eyebrows. “Is there something…should we not have done this?”

“No, no.” Clint drops his shoes and knee-walks on the bed until he’s curled up against Bruce. “No, it’s fine. There’s nothing against it. I just thought…”

“I was going to make you breakfast,” Bruce says. “I wasn’t intending this to be a one night stand.” Clint’s silence tells Bruce that Clint thought it was going to be one. Bruce shifts where he’s sitting. “Did you—”

“No! Breakfast!” Clint says a little too loudly. He gives Bruce an embarrassed smile, and then ducks his head against Bruce’s shoulder. “Breakfast is good,” he murmurs. 

Bruce smiles and loops an arm around Clint’s back, pulling him even closer. “Good,” he says. “Good.”

the avengers | cop drama au

A series of murders of influential people in different cities across the country is the reason why Colonel Nick Fury, a decorated ex-army man consulting for the FBI has assembled a team of skilled detectives to solve the murders and stop the killer before more deaths occur. The investigation takes a personal turn when the brother of one Detective Odinson is implicated in the murders.

Barton and Wilson: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 

“What happened to ‘I think he’s insane but I kind of like him?’”

“I had to listen to a very long and detailed lecture on the merits of duct tape.”




Manueluv and I are convinced Agent K is Coulson’s father. Hell, MIB is even owned by Marvel. 

I agree with this.

AU → In which Wade Wilson is just a guy (with some serious skills, a can-do attitude and a screw (or two) loose) and Clint is the guy sent to recruit him. Hilarity ensues and Clint develops a thing for enchiladas.